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IT Support


*For issues with student devices, please contact your school's librarian. 

  • Broken screen

  • Missing keys

  • Won’t connect 

To create a technical support ticket, Click on your school contact below to create an email.

Includes the following information in your email:

    • Issue/problem at hand​

    • Any pertinent information to the issue​

    • Urgency of your request​

    • School

    • Room number​

You will receive a response directly from our Help Desk technicians who will work to resolve the matter swiftly.

IT Support (Help Desk)


  • Coaching in technology integration

  • One on One Support

  • Google Classroom 

Looking to receive coaching or support on technology integration?  You will need to click on application and website review to submit an Integration help ticket. 

BESD33 Help Desk Ticket


Online App & Program Approval Application

To propose or request use of a web based program (tool, application, platform, etc.), please complete this form and submit it for vetting.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing and review.  During this time, our Integration and IT Teams will be working in tandem to identify whether the proposed program or tool meets District, State and Federal compliance policies for safety and privacy.  Once the review process has been completed, you, as well as your listed administrator and support person, will receive an approval or denial email for use of the proposed app or program.

Please also be advised that if the proposed program is cost-based, this will have budgeting implications that will need to be reviewed annually.

Online App & Program Approval Application